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Thumim Scholarship Funded by Mark and Luanne Paley

The Thumim Scholarship is pleased to announce camp scholarships are available again this year to Adath Israel families whose children will attend Jewish camp or travel to Israel. Multiple studies show the Jewish camp experience provides long term positive effects on Jewish identity and other life choices. During their lifetime, the Thumims, longtime members of Adath Israel, provided funds for these camp scholarships. Since their deaths, the camp scholarships have relied on individual donations, largely raised in honor of our Volunteer(s) of the Year. Last year and going forward into the future, Mark and Luanne Paley have commited to help fund these scholarships with a significant donation. Individual donors are still needed to maximize the number of families this scholarship can assist. Please considering donating to the Thumim Scholarship throughout the year whenever you send a card, observe a yahrtzeit, celebrate a life cycle event, or to honors the Volunteer(s) this year in the fall.

Congregation Adath Israel Educational Scholarships

Throughout its long history, Adath Israel has always focused much of its concerns around the growth and development of the children in the Congregation. To this end, Adath Israel has supported a number of scholarships to provide educational support for students pursuing Post Secondary School educational opportunities. There are approximately 10 named scholarships under this one umbrella. Eligible students in their senior year of high school, through their last year of graduate school, may apply for a scholarship. Completed applications will be reviewed and judged by members of the Temple’s Scholarship Committee. The committee will select the recipients and announce the honorees in the Kolot.

In addition, the Temple has separate scholarship offerings for elementary through high school age students wishing to attend Jewish summer camps and a wide variety of Jewish content-related programs. These programs may include the arts, education, sports, etc, as long as there is an approved Jewish component. The scholarship committee will review each application prior to making it awards. These scholarships are available year-round.

Contact the Chair of the Scholarship Committee for additional information.

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