Questions for parashat Balak | Adath Israel


Numbers 22:2-4 to 22:36-38                 894-899

Haftarah                 Micah 5:6-6:8                    915


The basic story of our parsha is fairly simple: Balak, king of Moab, hires Bilam, a well-known seer, to curse the Israelites. Balak sees them as a threat to Moab. But instead of cursing, Bilam blesses them in a series of four poetic oracles, since he can only say the words that God puts into his mouth.


~ Look closely to which names of God appear connected to Bilam. What do you make of it?

~ Why is a talking donkey present in this story? What does that scene teach us? Does it teach Bilam anything?

~ How is Bilam treated by the narrator’s voice in the story? Is Bilam powerful? Is Bilam good?